New DNS service

DNS14 service This service allows you to use DNS infrastructure to run your DNS service. You can have a dedicated zone for you usage and a dedicated administration portal. Or just use it as a fallback DNS server. Service is based on powerDNS/MariaDB so DBMS replication capabilies can be used for zones replications.


New vpn service

VPN14 service This service based on openvpn provide you more privacy and neutral access to Internet with no bandwidth limitation. Communications are encrypted from end to end and traffic is not logged. Howto use my VPN14 service Instructions are communicated just after account creation. Ensure that you got from the following prerequisites to configure your connection: pre-shared key CA certificate client certificate client key VPN server name

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{} free & kind services for free & kind people Welcome on the free & kind services for free & kind people. Here you’ll find some services hosted on On some of them self registrations are open, for some registration will be done by droping an email to, the rest are private services. Service are there, they respect data privacy so why not sharing them with other kind people ;-)



{} free & kind services for free & kind people Hello and welcome on ! Services hosted here are running without tracking, ADs, data analysis, censorship or any stuff of that kind. Here is a short description of available services: cloud14 - Nextcloud instance with integrated document edition and video chat. 1GB storage mail14 - You email address is useable on this page vpn14 - Neutral VPN connectivity, unlimited bandwith dns14 - DNS infrastructure you can use as your primary or secondary nameserver jabber14 - Jabber server with open registration (drop an email to host your domain as virtual server) hosting14 - Simple web hosting infrastructure (www/dbms) If you want to use nextcloud, vpn, dns or have an email address hosted at 14.