server migration

Almost all of the services provided on has been migrated to new servers. VPN was not impacted, minimum downtime has been managed on other services.

Jabber server is the last and will be migrated in the next few days.

Main changes

From a user perspective the only change is the change from collabora online to onlyoffice on cloud 14 service.The reason was a weird bug in the TLS connexion to the docker container. Onlyoffice provide a modern look & feel and is supposed to be faster as most of the workload is managed by the we browser.

Under the hood, more major changes :

  • ubuntu -> gentoo (<3)
  • apache 2.4 -> nginx 1.14
  • php 7.0 -> 7.3
  • postfix 3.1 -> 3.4
  • DKIM signature for all managed domains (finally)
  • DMARC directives for all managed domains
  • and many more major upgrades :-)